for Same-Day Consultation and Surgery
Arrangements and Patient Information

Patients who wish to arrange for their initial consultation, comprehensive physical exam, as well as surgical repair of their hernias all in one single, convenient visit, are welcome to do so here at North Penn Hernia Institute. We are happy to facilitate this process for you so as to minimize both your travel and time commitments, and to also make the process of obtaining safe and quality health care more convenient for you. Of course, consultations prior to formally arranging surgery are still welcome as well if you so desire.
To Qualify, patients must be:


Generally Healthy-It is necessary for your safe and quality care and effective and efficient surgical repair of your hernia, that your general state of health be satisfactory. While our focus is on the contemporary repair of hernias, our concern is for the entire patient and patient experience. If you are currently under the care of a physicians for a chronic medical problem (e.g., High Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Heart, Lung or Kidney Disease etc.), these must be adequately controlled, and your health optimized at the time of your care with us. If you have not visited your primary care physician in the last 6-12 months ( especially, for example if you are over 50 y.o., or are being treated for any chronic medical condition), we suggest you do so.


Confirmed Diagnosis-We welcome both patients with a confirmed hernia diagnoses as well as those seeking consultation to clarify and/or confirm issues related to symptoms or concerns possibly related to hernias. However, we certainly do not want patients to travel to NPHI expecting surgery on a "same Day" basis, if the diagnosis is in any way still in doubt. While we can not confirm the impression of either you or of other physicians regarding your diagnosis without an examination, we do respect the opinions of primary care professionals whom you may have seen previously. During the initial consultation with the surgeon of your choice here at NPHI, a comprehensive examination will be performed. At this time, the diagnosis will be confirmed, and if appropriate, surgery subsequently performed soon thereafter. This can all be arranged to occur on the "Same Day" if you so desire. If there is any doubt (after appropriate evaluations by your local physicians) about your diagnosis or indication for surgery, please call our office at 215.368.1122 to arrange a conversation with one of our surgeons, or E mail us.


Responsible Adult-We believe that for your safety and comfort, it is therefore necessary for patients to travel to and arrive at NPHI (Lansdale Hospital) for surgery accompanied by a responsible adult (preferably 18 yo or greater). Patients are not permitted to drive after surgery. We recognize that this may not always be possible or convenient. If circumstances pertain whereby a responsible adult cannot accompany the patient Dr. Goodyear must be notified in advance at (215) 368-1122, and the situation discussed directly with him personally. Lodging must be LOCAL. .


Pre-arranged Lodging-For patients traveling to NPHI within or less than an average 2 hour travel-distance radius, pre-arranged local lodging is not mandatory. However, it is strongly recommended as the distance beyond this travel time guideline increases. Also, it is mandatory for anyone traveling to NPHI without a responsible adult as described above, to have Prearranged LOCAL Lodging. While the use of LOCAL lodging is recommended, for patient traveling with another responsible adult, regional area hotels and lodging are certainly acceptable.

If the above conditions are not confirmed and well established, we will make every reasonable effort to accommodate your needs. However, we unfortunately cannot assure that your surgery will proceed on the same day as expected and arranged if deficiencies exist. Our primary concern is with SAFETY and QUALITY CARE. We Thank you for your understanding an assistance.


James A. Goodyear, MD, FACS